What has changed?


In the past weeks, since we canceled the previous funding campaign, we were busy preparing the next one.
A question arises: what has changed? In short: many things. First, let’s talk about some management changes.
We are in the final steps negotiating with a manufacturer, getting lower production costs than before, which of course positively affects the price of the game, too. Getting the game to you a bit cheaper while retaining the same quality is the best thing a game developer can dream of.
Some of you have asked about shipping into other regions apart from US and EU. Canada and Australia were the two spots which had the most expensive shipping, and finding a fulfillment partner in these regions was not easy. Good news is: we now have some options on the horizon, by the time the new campaign launches, we can give you more specific information about this. We also managed to rationalize some costs to US and EU regions, too, meaning the already friendly shipping will be even more friendly next time.
There are something which has changed within the game itself, too, more on that later. In a couple of days, we’ll give you a brief update about new stretch goals, new game content and Kickstarter exclusives.
Keep the date in mind: 3rd of May!
See you soon!
The Gladiators