We paused the Kickstarter campaign


This has been a very busy week for us!
We launched our very first Kickstarter project, watched how the first 100 backers found it in just a few hours and accumulated more than 40% of the basic funding goal within a day. It was a truly amazing experience.
With that said, the current pace of funding and the incredibly useful feedback we received during this past week made us realize that we could do much better with a fresh start. For that reason, we decided to pause the current funding campaign of HotGW: Limanowa 1914.
We got an overwhelming amount of suggestions and ideas about how to improve the game and the campaign around it. The most important reason to do this is the game’s current price and content. While our number one principle is quality first, we realize that the price of the Hussar Colonel box ended up being a bit prohibitive. For our relaunch, we already have a number of ideas to rationalize our costs without compromising quality, so we are confident that we will be able to come up with a much more lucrative offer for next time.
We heard that some of our stretch goals were not too appealing. As we are preparing for the relaunch, we will also have time to properly implement your feedback on these as well. Thanks to you, we now have a much clearer view on which stretch goals are truly important, and we would like to focus on those a bit more. This is especially true for the solo mode – it’s something that will need extensive playtesting to mesh perfectly with the game, but will be a great addition since iteration is key in the life of a game.
We can’t thank you enough for the huge amount of support and encouragement we got over the course of the week and were surprised to see the appeal of the campaign – our WW1-themed game receiving group pledges from as far as Hong Kong was a dream coming true for us. The funding goal would likely have been reached even with the current campaign, but we are certain that relaunching with a fresh concept and new ideas is the right call that will benefit everyone. We’re sure that with the power of the community we can build a game of highest quality with lots of stretch goals.
So fear not – the Battle of Limanowa is far from over!
We will keep in touch with you guys in the coming weeks until we are ready for the relaunch.
If you want to share your thoughts and ideas with us, feel free to drop us a line, either here on Kickstarter, or follow us on Facebook:
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See you at the relaunch, we are counting on you in the upcoming offensive!
Until next time!
The Gladiators