Solo Game Mode is on the way!


It’s amazing how active community came around Heroes of the Great War: Limanowa 1914!
We get a LOT of questions about the game and they mostly revolve around a single topic: is the game soloable?
At the beginning Limanowa 1914 was a multiplayer game, you needed at least one other friend to join you to enjoy crushing your enemies – no longer!
Currently, we have many ideas about single player scenarios, one better than the other and we haven’t decided anything yet.
It’s worth to note that this addon won’t affect the base game: we won’t rebalance the whole game just to get a sixth (did you read that? 6th!) game mode into the box, everything you saw before will stay as they are. Sooner or later we will need a bigger box…
Of course, this addition will need a lot of testing on our side, but this is a very pleasant task: we only need to play the game which we would do anyway.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention: this is a FREE addon, coming into the base box, no additional pledge is required! Every box will contain this, be it a simple Lieutenant package or the biggest Hussar Colonel level.
We are happy to hear your thoughts about this, drop us a line here on Kickstarter or on our Facebook page ( or on BoardGameGeek (…/…/heroes-great-war-limanowa-1914).