Reinforcements! Whats new in the game?


In the last update we spoke about management changes which affect HotGW: Limanowa 1914 and as promised, here is what’s new within the game itself.
First of all: the price.
As mentioned before, we could lower the price of each box by rearranging the manufacturing process. We stripped the version without the minis and this was one of the reasons we could negotiate a bit lower price, which we forward into the final price.
There is new stuff coming your way.
Many backers (and non-backers) told us their stories about not being able to play a multiplayer game whenever they wanted for various reasons: they liked Limanowa 1914, but just for letting it sit on their shelves, they won’t back it. The new version of Heroes of the Great War will contain every scenario the original game had before, coming with multiple solo and cooperative maps as well, all in the base box: this means, if the game is funded, everybody gets them without extra added costs. The exact number of maps depends on the stretch goals we can unlock in the coming month.
Now that I mention stretch goals…
We’ve got a new SG structure because we felt the previous list wasn’t rewarding enough. You’ll get more battle cards in the first few tiers and more units to command. Finally, to show you our gratitude if the project gets funded in the first 72 hours, everyone will get the dealer button upgrade, which previously was a KS exclusive bonus. We have a long list of stretch goals and to keep an open mind we welcome every suggestion!
To summarize the new features:

  • lower price!new and polished game modes for both the mini maps and the grand scenario
  • new and polished game modes for both the mini maps and the grand scenario
  • reworked stretch goal list
  • new maps and new units

– bonus dealer button for everyone if we get funded in the first 3 days
We really hope that we can show a game where most of the players find what they are looking for, yet we can keep the original feeling which grabbed the attention and love of our testers in the months behind us.
Keep the launch date in mind! 3rd of May, 10AM PDT/5PM GMT!
The Gladiators