Hero: someone with noble qualities, great courage or outstanding achievements.

Limanowa: the Galician town where, in the winter of 1914, Austro-Hungarian and Polish troops heroically prevented the further onslaught of the “Russian Steamroller”, saving Cracow from occupation.

Heroes Of Limanowa: is a World War I strategy board game. Prepare for war and break the resistance of the enemy! Run down your foe with your fearless hussars or death-defying Cossacks and destroy its artillery units or prowl in his hinterland behind the frontline! Launch a sweeping charge with your infantry or use your machine-gunners to chip away your enemy’s momentum! Deploy your reliable artillery units to eradicate your opponents confined to defence or use them to support your troops preparing for siege! Play out your battle cards resourcefully to do away with your enemy or set them a trap! Be the victorious general of the battlefield, the greatest strategist who breaks through the front and forces the enemy into retreat!

Be the Hero of Limanowa!