The towns

A városok

Historical towns and the story they could tell.

Soon they could tell that they are on a strategic game board in the Heroes of the Great War series!

Bardejov, founded in the 12th century, it was part of Hungary, why does this city belong to Slovakia now would be an interesting story to listen to.

Limanowa, the town which didn’t have to pay taxes to the Crown around the 1560s, but most importantly it was the site of the Battle of Limanowa between December 1 and December 9, 1914 in which the Austro-Hungarian Army repelled a Russian breakthrough southwestwards.

Nowy Sacz (Nowy Sącz) has the most stories from our gameboard, it was founded in 1292, it had great heroes of course, in the Great war it was associated with independence movements, and during World War II it lay on a major route for resistance fighters.

Gorlice, this town in south eastern Poland had extremely heavy and prolonged fighting during the Great War, it frequently changed hands, and as a result, the town was completely destroyed.