The cavalry


Save the horse, ride with the Uhlans! The Uhlan name is said to derive from Aleksander Ułan, an 18th-century cavalry officer, accompanied the development of European warfare from the beginning of that century until the Second World War. During the Great War, there were eleven regiments of uhlans in the Austro-Hungarian cavalry, largely recruited in the Polish speaking parts of the Empire. Their last opportunity for traditional glory was on 21 August 1914 when the uhlans and dragoons of the 4.Kavalleriedivision clashed with their counterparts of the Imperial Russian 10th Cavalry Division in classic cavalry style at the Battle of Jaroslavice.
So, of course, another type of cavalry we have are the Russians. Upon the outbreak of war, Russia possessed the largest cavalry establishment (and the most vodka supply )among all the belligerent nations.

Roll the dice, who will win this battle when You decide what tactics to choose?