Tokens & cards


At the top of the cards, you can see two stamps. The first stamp determines when you can use the card: there are attack cards, which you can use in your own turn, and defensive cards, which you can use in the opponent’s turn. The second stamp specifies when you can play the cards within the turn: they can be preparatory, action or closing phase cards.

Artillery cards

artilleryThe “Artillery cards” can also be played only one at a time, but to play them you must have an artillery unit which meets the conditions written on the card. By using these cards you can multiply the power of your artillery, or carry out an unexpected artillery attack on the enemy units.

Tactical cards

tacticalYou can play your “Tactical cards” by grouping two or three similar ones together, and it’s worth doing so, because this way you can enhance their effect, causing even more damage to your opponent – or grant your units even more advantage. It is important that you can only group together Tactical cards with the same name.
These cards are the most powerful cards in the game. Playing more than one of them at the same time, you can gain a serious advantage over your opponents. You can refill your units, build up a well-organized defense, or prevail on the enemy soldiers to desert.

Strategic cards

strategicThe “Strategic cards” can only be played one at a time, even when you have more than one with the same name in your hand. These cards generally give additional attack or defense points to the chosen units, but sometimes they can grant you extra movement, call in reserve units to the battlefield, or help you lure the enemy into a carefully planned trap.

Railway tokens

EN_vasúti token
You can transport your units from one train station to another by train if the two stations are not more than 10 fields away from each other. Your units cannot get off the train between the stations!

Artillery Tokens

Using Artillery Tokens, you can carry out greater destruction in the enemy’s army, and you can also enhance the defensive capabilities of your artillery units. Using these tokens, you can carry out an additional artillery action, and thus you can involve one of your previously passive artillery units in an ongoing clash. You can also use them to carry out artillery strikes against the opponent in case of an enemy attack.

Acting Player Token

The Acting Player token is always held by the player whose turn is currently taking place. This way the confusion in the case of more complex encounters can be avoided.